Job Description - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Job Description

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Job purpose summary

The Chief Technology Officer has the overall responsibility for product definition, product roadmap and choice of technology. An important part of the position is to ensure that input from our customers and field is considered for future product definitions.

Key responsibilities

  • Define and maintain the product definition and roadmaps
  • Ensuring sufficient customer and field input in the product definition and roadmaps
  • Maintaining an updated roadmap, to be reviewed on a quarterly basis
  • Maintain knowledge on competing and future technologies and products in the market
  • Cooperate with the engineering department
  • In collaboration with VP of Engineering, secure smooth transitions from product definition to product development
  • Regularly interact with the engineering department to secure continuous alignment between product implementation and product definition
  • Participation in key design reviews


  • Master or PhD degree
  • Strong and relevant technical expertise combined with strong people skills


  • Self-driven, energetic and ambitious
  • Creative and visionary
  • Analytical and systematic
  • Efficient and able to make good and fast decisions
  • Quality conscious and reliable
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to build strong relationships with customers and partners
  • Good leadership skills and ability to create a highly motivated team

Reporting to:


Estimated travel activity:

10 days per quarter

Job Description - Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Rev 1.1

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