Job Description - VP of Sales and Marketing

Job Description

VP of Sales and Marketing

Job purpose summary 

VP of Sales and Marketing is responsible for all sales and marketing activities in the company.

Key responsibilities

  • Build, lead and motivate a strong sales and marketing team
  • Establish commercial strategies
  • Establish and maintain marketing plans and pricing strategies
  • Establish and maintain adequate CRM process including sales funnel
  • Set monthly and yearly sales targets on teams and individuals
  • Establish and continuously update 12 month rolling sales forecasts
  • Manage relationships with key strategic customers
  • Support and mentor team individuals in their sales efforts
  • Provide customer and market feedback to CTO and CEO
  • Establish and maintain company website
  • Marketing communication
  • Exhibitions and customer seminars
  • Marketing qualified leads strategy and execution
  • Monitor, analyze and improve marketing efforts


  • Bachelor or Master degree
  • Strong international sales, marketing and business experience in relevant industry
  • Excellent in building and maintaining strong customer and partner relationships


  • Good leadership skills and ability to create highly motivated teams
  • Self-driven, energetic and ambitious
  • Great customer interaction skills
  • Capable of extensive travel activities
  • High level of integrity
  • Good written and oral communication skills

Reporting to:


Estimated travel activity:

25 days per quarter

Job Description -  VP of Sales and Marketing, Rev 1.0

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