Customer Proposal

Forslag til standard oppsett for tilbud

Customer proposal

Date: 30.11.2021 , Our reference: Mrs Sales, Rev: 01


Help text: An appealing introduction, where you summarise your discussions, use the name of the customer contact person  (in case the offer is distributed within the organization)  highlight the value proposition and look forward the the continued journey

Entrepedia AS is pleased to propose our [the project/product/service you are offering] In our collaboration we seek that that you will experience [value creation message for the Customer]

[The sope scope and functionality is based on mutual discussions with NAME and dates ]

However, if there are changes in scope, or discrepancy between the scope described in this document and your needs, we are happy to provide you with  an updated offer.

We look forward to our continued collaboration.


Help text: You need to provide a to-the-point description of the deliverables with exact quantities. If a prolonged text is needed to describe the content, use attachments to shorten down the scope description.  

[Entrepedia AS will provide  system/solution/product] [The delivery consists of

  1. Item 1, qty
  2. Item 2, qty
  3. Item 3, services 12 months
  4. Installation and test.]

For technical and functional details, please see attachment 2 & 3

[Project schedule/Delivery date

Help text: If you are delivering the product in stages, or running a project, insert a schedule. If its a shipped product, insert date when the product is ready to be shipped.


Estimated time

Time after purchase order




[milestone 2]



[milestone 3]



[milestone 4, final delivery]



[Customer training]




Delivery Date

[=date of product ready to be shipped],


Help text: If you made assumptions when making the offer, that could affect the price or execution of the delivery, include them here. If no assumptions, delete chapter

  • [Technical uncertainties or dependencies with your Customer system that can greatly affect your cost is listed here] 
  • [Travel internally in within one hour from Oslo is included] ]

[Customer Obligations for the delivery

Help text: If there are any specific obligations from the Customer regarding the delivery such as providing access to the systems/facility, have a single point of contact, etc. If no obligations, delete chapter

  • [..]
  • [..] ]

Pricing and terms

Help text: *if you include engineering or installation work under customer control, meaning the customer ask you to do work, you could also include an hourly rate so you can get paid for this work.



[Item 1, qty]


[Item 2, qty]


[Item 3, service 12 months]


[Engineering services*]




All prices are exclusive of VAT and fees 

Payment milestones

Help text: choose relevant payment milestones for your delivery. Please note, get as much payment upfront as possible.

  • [Date of the purchase order]/[At delivery]
  • (If Project or co development) [40 % date of purchase order, 30%  milestone 2, 30% at final delivery]


This offer is valid 2 months from date of issue

Invoice payments

14 (fourteen) days net


  • Company General Terms of Sale, see Appendix 1

List of appendices

Help text: Add relevant attachments

  1. Standard Terms of Sale
  2. [datasheet/functional description]
  3. [Product description]


This document, including all technical, commercial items  and information described herein is the property of Entrepedia AS and are confidential. The information shall not be disclosed to a third party without written permission from Entrepedia AS.



Date / Name




On behalf of

Entrepedia AS

Gaustadalleen 21,

0349 Oslo

Org Number: 919725109

Customer Proposal, Rev 1.0

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Customer Proposal

Forslag til standard oppsett for tilbud

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