Employee Handbook

Personalhåndboken kan sees på som et oppslagsverk med alle regler og rutiner i selskapet, og et kommunikasjonsverktøy til de ansatte. Den er et levende dokument som bør oppdateres og holdes ajour ved endringer i ordninger, personalpolitikk og norske lover og regler.

Employee Handbook



Entrepedia AS


Gaustadalleen 21,

0349 Oslo        


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Table of content

Table of content        2

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1. Welcome        6

1.1. Our History, Goals and Culture        6

1.2. Our Vision and Mission        6

1.3. Our Core Values        6

2. Introduction        7

3. Employment        8

3.1. General information        8

3.2. New employees        8

3.3. Performance review and Personal Development Conversation        8

3.4. Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment        8

3.5. Resignation and Termination        8

4. Work hours        9

4.1. Working hours        9

4.2. Working Remotely        9

4.3. Timesheets        9

4.4. Work schedule        9

5. Salary and benefits        10

5.1. Salary        10

5.2. Sickness benefits        10

5.3. Vacation        10

5.4. Other benefits        10

5.4.1. Stocks and Options        10

5.4.2. Other paid days off        11

5.4.3. Lunch        11

5.4.4. Meals when working long hours        11

5.4.5. Employee Discounts        11

6. Travel        12

6.1. Travel guidelines        12

6.2. Travel reimbursement        12

7. Absence and leave        13

7.1. Attendance        13

7.2. Vacation        13

7.3. Sick days and sick leave        13

7.3.1. Self-reported sick days        13

7.3.2. Doctor’s note        13

7.4. Child care leave        14

7.5. Parental leave        14

7.6. Sick Child Leave        14

7.7. Funeral        15

7.8. Exams        15

7.9. Compulsory military service        15

7.10. Compulsory civil service        15

7.11. Unpaid leave        15

7.11.1. General        15

7.11.2. Religious holidays        15

8. Pension and insurance        16

8.1. Pension        16

8.2. Insurance        16

9. Social, Culture and code of conduct        16

9.1. Office Culture        16

9.2. Open office        16

9.3. Housekeeping        17

9.4. Company chat (e.g., Slack, Teams etc.)        17

9.5. Employee health & safety representative        17

9.6. Sustainable practices        17

9.7. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics        18

9.8. Non-harassment / Non-discrimination        18

9.9. Proprietary and Confidentiality Responsibilities        18

9.10. Work for Hire        19

9.11. Disclosure        19

10. Information Security        20

11. Final notes        21

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//This space is reserved for the CEO to write a welcome message to all new employees//

  1. Welcome

Hello and welcome! Thank you for joining Entrepedia AS, where we strive to stay true to our company mission and values as we create extraordinary results together. This employee handbook aims to describe who we are, how we do things, and how we work together. We have created this handbook to guide you and as a “go-to place” for the company’s policies and guidelines. It’s also a collection of our expectations, commitments and responsibilities. Please read the handbook carefully, consult it whenever you need to and ask your manager in case you have any additional questions.

  1. Our History, Goals and Culture

 //Write a summary of the company history here.//

  1. Our Vision and Mission

 //Add the company vision and mission here.//

  1. Our Core Values

//Add the company values here. See the examples below. If you still have not defined the company values, feel free to use our process of how to.//

Example of company values

“We are direct and expect the same brutal honesty from our portfolio companies. We are trustworthy and expect the same high standards from everyone we engage with. We are devoted and expect the same endurance from our entrepreneurs. We are committed to efforts addressing major global challenges.” - Firda AS company values

  1. Introduction

//Adapt the introduction and create your own vibe, look & feel.//

The handbook is meant for all employees, new and existing. Consult it whenever you have any questions about how we do things here at Entrepedia AS’s. It being travel guidelines, vacation and leave policies, or time registration routines.

If there is information you would like to be in the handbook, and at the same time would benefit others, let your manager know and we will consider adding it. Please feel free to ask your manager about anything that is either unclear or not present in the handbook.

We also wanted to let you know that this handbook and its contents should be treated confidentially. Please do not disclose its contents to anyone outside of our company. Also, the CEO is the final authority to approve any changes to this handbook.

Be sure to make a note of where this document is stored for future reference: [add a link to the file]

We hope that this handbook helps to clarify any administrative questions you may have, so that you may spend less time on them, and more time on being creative and having fun!

  1. Employment

  1. General information

The employee handbook is a supplement to your employment agreement. [//linked to a template for your convenience]. A lot of practical rules and guidelines that are not specific to your employment, but apply to everyone in the company, can usually be found here. All employees must follow any rules and guidelines that apply to the position, and at the same time be aware that the guidelines and rules may change with time, so make sure to double-check this document from time to time.

  1. New employees

We do our best to give new employees a welcoming and meaningful onboarding experience. Your manager will take you through the company’s employee onboarding checklist as a part of your onboarding. Feel free to have a look.

  1. Performance review and Personal Development Conversation

During this meeting you will have a conversation about your work, performance, development plans, and ambitions. This conversation is where you and your manager take the time to give mutual feedback, and align expectations for the year to come. The manager is here to support you in your work and professional development. Expect to have this development conversation annually at the beginning of the year, with a follow-up conversation about 6 months later if needed. Still, personal development and feedback is an ongoing process that is covered in weekly informal meetings throughout the year. Your manager is responsible for planning and inviting you to the conversation.

Have a look at the annual HR wheel  [//linked to a template for your convenience] to get a feel of the HR activities distributed throughout the year.

  1. Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment

As an employee, we expect that you are committed to giving your full work capacity to the company. Working on behalf of another company, holding board positions, positions of trust, or providing services to other businesses is not acceptable without written consent from Entrepedia AS. It is also problematic if employees have financial interests in competing companies. All employees are expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to Entrepedia AS, so that we can discuss acceptable solutions.

  1. Resignation and Termination

Employment begins with a 6-month trial period with a 1-month mutual term of notice. After this, the mutual term of notice is 3 months starting from the next full calendar month.

  1. Work hours

  1. Working hours

Normal working hours are 37,5 hours per week, plus 30 min unpaid lunch per day. The company core time is between 09.00 and 15.00, which means that you, as a general rule, should be at the office during these hours.

  1. Working Remotely

//Adjust this paragraph according to your company policy//

We consider physical collaboration and co-working a key success factor and important for a great work environment. In general, we therefore recommend being in the office together! However, employees are occasionally free to work remotely for shorter periods when needed and when otherwise agreed. Make sure to always let your team know of your absence.

  1. Timesheets

Please be sure to regularly update the company timesheet [or add a link to the company’s time registration system here] with hours and any absence. At least once a week. By the 6th day of each month, the registration of the previous period must be updated. A full work day should be registered as 7,5 hours. Please contact HR or your manager if you have any questions.

  1. Work schedule

Reaching our goals and fulfilling our ambitions requires dedication and grit. Some periods will be more intense than others, and sometimes we need to sprint hard to reach a deadline. This implies that we all occasionally need to work extra hours, be it planned or spontaneous. Succeeding in our endeavors requires that all members of the team contribute and do their very best.

Occasionally working extra hours is taken into account in your compensation package and should be expected.

//Adjust this paragraph according to your company policy//

For employees with roles applicable for overtime payment (as agreed in the employment contract), Norwegian regulations apply.

  1. Salary and benefits

  1. Salary

Salary payouts are made once a month (to the account of each employee's choice). This is done on the 20th of every month. Travel and other expenses are refunded simultaneously with the salary payout. Salary adjustments are evaluated once a year, normally with effect from the 1st of February.

In accordance with Norwegian tax regulations, employees are deducted half the normal tax rate in December.

In June, five weeks of vacation are deducted from the salary, and the vacation salary is distributed. This is following Norwegian vacation law.

  1. Sickness benefits

If you get sick you will still get full pay during your sickness, as Entrepedia AS covers the difference between what the state will cover and your full salary. This is limited to a total accumulated period of 12 months. After 12 months, you have the right to apply for work clarification pay (“arbeidsavklaringspenger”) per Norwegian law and practices. Visit NAV.no for more information. For more details about sickleave, have a look at Section 7.3.

  1. Vacation

Vacation salary is earned and paid in accordance with Norwegian vacation law. A few characteristics are listed below.

  • Vacation pay is earned based on salary from the previous working year.
  • Vacation pay is calculated as 12% of salary.
  • Vacation pay is paid instead of salary.
  • Newly hired employees may not have earned full vacation pay, but are still entitled to 25 days of vacation. This would mean that parts of the vacation are unpaid.
  • Given that the employee is planning 5 weeks of vacation, pay equaling 5 weeks of vacation will be deducted from the salary in June regardless of when the vacation is actually held that month.

Feel free to have a look at the Section 7 for more information about absence and leave routines in the company.

  1. Other benefits

  1. Stocks and Options

We believe ownership in the Company is a great way to align interests, and we always strive to invite employees to participate when we raise capital. In addition, all new employees will receive options. Please refer to the Entrepedia AS’s stock option program presentation  [//linked to a template for your convenience] for more information.

  1. Other paid days off

  • December 24th (Christmas Day) and December 31st (New Years’ day), are paid days off given as additional employee benefits.
  • Your childrens’ very first day of school or kindergarten are important days to be a part of. This is why we give all our employees the day off these days as employee benefits.
  1. Lunch        

You are encouraged to spend time together with your colleagues during lunch, which usually starts at 11:30 every day. Feel free to choose from lunch items in the canteen, such as warm meals, salad, sandwiches, fruit, and pastry. The company sponsors the lunch, but kiosk goods such as gum, chocolate, vitamin drinks, and similar are not included in the benefit. The employee can pay by using the employee access card.

The employee is deducted 250 NOK/month from the pay slip for lunch, as well as taxes on the meals since subsidized lunch is considered a fringe benefit by Norwegian law.

  1. Meals when working long hours

If you work for more than 10 hours, the company will pay for a meal up to NOK 200 + delivery expenses. Food can be ordered from, e.g.:

  • Sabi Sushi, Vinderen - sabi.no -  22 49 93 00

// For information. Feel free to remove. //

The maximum tax-free amount is NOK 200 + delivery. Amounts beyond this trigger individual taxation.

  1. Employee Discounts

//Describe any company deals/employee discounts here.//

  1. Travel

  1. Travel guidelines

All business travel must be approved by your manager before booking. You should consider the expenses and should book hotels and airplane tickets at the most reasonable rates that get you effectively to your destination. Travel should be booked in economy class and hotels at normal business-grade standards.

  1. Travel reimbursement

  • You should use a personal, company-provided, credit card (if relevant) to pay for any work-related travel. The fees for the card will be reimbursed. The credit card will also cover travel insurance as long as the majority of your trip is paid for using the credit card. Please read the terms of the credit card provider [add a link to the terms]. The credit card gives 30-50 days of credit so that the expenses can be reimbursed for travel expenses before the credit card bill has to be paid.
  • All actual, necessary, and reasonable company business expenses that comply with Norwegian regulations will be reimbursed. Use sound judgment when incurring business expenses. Travel bills and diet are compensated according to Norwegian State travel regulations (“Norwegian: “Statens reiseregulativ”) for those with offices in Norway.
  • As soon as you have receipts available for travel and expenses, you should file them into the company expense reimbursement system [add link].

Any employee who knowingly files a false expense report is subject to disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

The procedure for travel reimbursement can be found HERE [add link], and the application procedure for a company credit card can be found HERE [add link].

  1. Absence and leave

  1. Attendance

If you are unable to report to or remain at work due to illness or other emergencies, please let your manager know as soon as possible. Please notify your manager daily until you can return, or until you request leave as a result of the situation.

  1. Vacation

All employees are granted vacation in accordance with the Norwegian vacation Act, with the addition of 4 working days of vacation, wich gives a total 25 working days (5 weeks). Vacation plans must be agreed with your manager, however, you are entitled to three weeks of continuous holiday sometime during the main holiday period between 1 June and 30 September.

As a general rule, all employees should spend all 25 vacation days every year. In exceptional cases, unspent vacation days may be transferred to the next year with a maximum of 10 days. This would need approval from management.

Remember to register both your spent vacation days in the company’s vacation and absence register [or add a link to the company’s time registration system here].

  1. Sick days and sick leave

  1. Self-reported sick days

If you need to stay home because of illness, remember to let your team and manager know. This is known as a self-certified sick day (Norwegian: “Egenmelding”). Here are some policies about self-certified sick days:

  • You can use self-certified sick days if your absence lasts either one, two, or three days. Saturdays and Sundays are included, which means that a doctor's note will be needed if you are sick both on Friday and the following Monday.
  • You must have worked at the company for at least two months to be entitled to self-certified sick days.
  • You must notify your manager of the absence on the first day of illness and all the following days of absence.
  • Your absence must be registered in the company timesheet [or add a link to the company’s time registration system here] and absence register immediately when you return to work.

  1. Doctor’s note

A written doctor’s note is required if you are sick beyond 3 days. Additionally, you may only report self-certification a maximum of 4 times per year. Beyond this, a written doctor’s note would also be required. Details about your social security duties and rights can be found here: Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme applies (Norwegian: “Folketrygdloven”).

  1. Child care leave

(Not to be confused with parental leave)

You are granted two weeks of fully paid leave if your partner just gave birth to your child, so that you can spend this important time together.

These two weeks of fully paid child care leave are not a right by Norwegian law, but is still offered by Entrepedia AS and is considered an employee benefit. The pay is limited to up to 12 G (which is also a benefit as only pay up to 6G is required by law). One G is currently specified as 111 477 NOK.

Similar conditions apply to adoption cases. This can be discussed with the manager on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Parental leave

All employees have the right to paid parental leave if they have had pensionable income for at least 6 of the last 10 months before the parental benefit period starts. This is regulated by the Norwegian Social National Insurance Scheme.

According to The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme, employees are entitled to full pay during parental leave for at least up to 6 G. At Entrepedia AS we believe in supporting the employees as much as we can, also outside of the office, and so all employees are granted full pay up to 12 G during this leave period.

If a decision is made to extend the leave beyond the norm[1], all leave outside of the norm will be unpaid leave. There are many options for ongoing parental leave, so a close dialogue with a manager is essential.

Please remember that according to the National Social Insurance Scheme: paid paternity leave requires that both parents fulfill the requirements of paid parental leave. Maternity leave is always given to a new mother; however, paternity leave depends on if both parents were employed or enrolled at a school.

  1. Sick Child Leave

Employees with children that are 12 years or younger are entitled to time off if the child becomes ill, or when they need to visit a doctor. If the primary care person becomes ill at the same time, the other parent is entitled to time off to care of them both. This right is limited to 10 days per calendar year, or 15 days if you have more than 2 children.

Other rights apply if your child has prolonged illness. A close dialogue between employees and managers is critical in such cases.

  1. Funeral

In the, hopefully rare case, you would need to attend a funeral because of a death in the immediate family (direct lineage up or down, siblings, spouse), you will be granted one day of paid leave to attend. For attendance in funerals outside of the immediate family, unpaid leave may be granted if approved by your manager.

  1. Exams

You may be granted one day of paid leave on the day of an exam at a government-licensed educational institution when the education is considered beneficial and relevant for your job and the company. Makes sure to get upfront approval from your manager as you start the training program or education.

  1. Compulsory military service

You will be granted unpaid leave if drafted by the military to attend compulsory military service. If the draft is a short-term service with a period of fewer than 14 days a year, you are granted full pay, with a deduction of whatever compensation is received by the military.

If you receive a draft from the military, please inform your manager as soon as possible.

  1. Compulsory civil service

If drafted to compulsory civil service, you will be granted unpaid leave. If the draft is a short-term service with a period of fewer than 14 days a year, you will be given full pay with a deduction of whatever compensation is received by the public civil service.

If you receive a draft from the civil service please inform your manager as soon as possible.

  1. Unpaid leave

  1. General

You have the right to apply for unpaid leave in case of extraordinary personal circumstances. Each such case will be reviewed on an individual basis.

  1. Religious holidays

Employees that have other religious holidays than those of the Norwegian public, have the right to apply for up to two days of unpaid leave per year for religious reasons. You would need to apply at least 14 days before taking leave. This is following the Law of Religious Communities “Trossamfunnsloven §18”.

  1. Pension and insurance

  1. Pension

All employees are included in Entrepedia AS’s mandatory occupational pension scheme (OTP). The contribution to the OTP by the company is x% (2% is the mandatory contribution) of the annual salary up to 12 times the “Folketrygdens Grunnbeløp”.

Detailed information about the company pension program can be found HERE [add link].

  1. Insurance

All employees are also included in the company insurance scheme. For details about company insurance, please refer to the insurance documents [add link].

  1. Social, Culture and code of conduct

  1. Office Culture

//Example text//

In Entrepedia AS we strive to build and maintain a strong culture. As a part of this, we celebrate our victories and have several arrangements and social meetups throughout the year.

Friday lunch: On Fridays, we have an informal all-hands meeting. It is expected that everyone in the office joins this meeting, and it will include a wide variety of topics, like: Introduction of new employees, Financial updates, Sales, marketing, and customer update, Any travel, Product and project updates, new releases, Social events, Q&A’s—come with questions!

Celebrations: By passing on a major milestone in our strategic plan, all employees will be invited to a secret surprise! The surprise may be grand or small, the most important part is that you join us in the celebration!

Salary beers: Come join us for a monthly salary beer, or whatever you would like to drink.

Seasonal parties: Sometime in December or January we hold a Christmas party where we can dress up, eat delicious food, drink and dance. Feel free to bring your partner and get ready to party!

Off-Site Strategy: Each year around spring, we hold a two-day, offsite strategy session where each employee directly contributes to our company strategy.


  1. Open office

Please be sensitive to taking phone calls or having long conversations with each other in the office space since we are all seated in an open office area. Please be conscious about using the available meeting room facilities and common areas.  

  1. Housekeeping

Keeping the office space and workstations tidy is the responsibility of each employee. Please keep your work-station area clean and uncluttered in addition to other surroundings neat and orderly. When you have used a meeting room make sure to clean up and remove any cups and any similar items.

  1. Company chat (e.g., Slack, Teams etc.)

General Guidelines

  • Use the chat for news, collaboration, and direct messages.
  • Do not share personal or confidential information such as social security numbers or news regarding the next funding round.
  • Avoid lengthy discussions, but rather set up a meeting when needed.
  • Adjust your notification settings so you’re aware of key updates without constantly being distracted.
  • Respect others' current status. For example, if the status is set to ‘Busy’, rather send an email or try again later.

  1. Employee health & safety representative

(Norwegian: “Verneombud”)

In Entrepedia AS we have a health & safety representative (“Verneombud”). This is an elected employee that has an additional role in our dedication to creating a safe and healthy work environment. The role is rotated bi-annually.

The safety representative is included in the company’s systematic work to improve the work environment, which helps in ensuring that the company operates in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

See the company HSE Handbook for details: [=LINK to handbook]

Read more about the role at Lov om arbeidsmiljø, arbeidstid og stillingsvern mv. (arbeidsmiljøloven) - Kapittel 6. Verneombud - Lovdata

  1. Sustainable practices

As Entrepedia AS is committed to upholding high corporate sustainability standards, all employees must be conscious of the environmental footprint created on a day-to-day basis. All employees must follow the practices listed below:

  • Energy conservation: Small actions by everyone result in large accumulated energy savings.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when heating or cooling is taking place.
  • Ensure that printing on paper is held to a minimum and printing is necessary, ensure that two-sided printing is enabled.
  • Make sure that your electronic devices (including your personal computer, phone, and tablets), are set to energy saver mode.
  • Reduce lost “phantom loads” by unplugging electronics when not in use.

These are just a few examples of how each of us can contribute to more sustainable practices in our workplace.

  • Water conservation: One has come far just being conscious about water conservation. One important change each of us can do is to reduce the consumption of bottled water and instead drink municipal tap water (the tap water in Norway is excellent!). Another is not brewing more coffee than we can consume.
  • Recycling and waste reduction: Recycle everything you can, always. This includes outdated and broken electronic equipment, batteries, ink cartridges, bottles, and light bulbs. All Entrepedia AS’s offices contain recycling bins which enable us to recycle paper, glass, and food waste. These are all good practices to reduce the amount of waste generated by our company.
  1. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Conducting our business affairs following the highest ethical standards and in compliance with legal requirements align directly with our mission of providing quality solutions to our customers. A reputation for ethical conduct, market leadership, and business success builds the bond between employees, leaders, members of the Board of Directors, shareholders, suppliers, consultants, and all business partners to satisfy the demands of customers.

Every person, regardless of position, has an ethical responsibility to help enforce this. You should be alert to possible violations and report them to your manager or other appropriate personnel.

For detailed information about the code of conduct in Entrepedia AS, please refer to the company policy document.

  1. Non-harassment / Non-discrimination

Entrepedia AS is committed to a workplace free of any kind of harassment or discrimination. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of our employees or job applicants by another employee, manager, or any vendor, customer, or partner. Harassment or discrimination of a third party by an employee is also prohibited. Any form of harassment or discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, mental or physical disability, marital status, age, sexual preference, medical condition, or any category protected by law is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a disciplinary matter. If you feel that you have experienced or observed conduct inconsistent with this policy, whether in the workplace or any other work-related setting, you should report it immediately to your manager, any manager with whom you feel comfortable, or a board member.

  1. Proprietary and Confidentiality Responsibilities

Entrepedia AS has developed and will develop certain information, products, processes, procedures, customer lists, and other proprietary and confidential information that are an important part of our business. All employees must realize that this information is proprietary and is the property of Entrepedia AS. Sharing this information with any other party or using it for your purposes is a violation of your responsibility to Entrepedia AS. Keeping this information confidential is a specific condition of your employment with Entrepedia AS. Feel free to review the employment agreement for detailed conditions on the matter.

  1. Work for Hire

Any work produced during your employment with Entrepedia AS is considered “work for hire,” and the rights to such work belong to Entrepedia AS unless otherwise agreed to in writing and approved by the CEO. If you leave Entrepedia AS and wish to retain samples of your work, you must obtain specific written permission from our CEO.

  1. Disclosure

We have two (2) authorized spokespeople for speaking to the public media and/or the investment community or on behalf of Entrepedia AS: (1) The Chairman of the Board, (2) the CEO. Others may be appointed by one of these two if needed.

Any employee or person who is not an authorized spokesperson for Entrepedia AS should not respond under any circumstances to inquiries from the investment community or the media unless specifically directed to do so by one of the two listed authorized spokespersons.

All inquiries should be directed to the CEO.

  1. Information Security

Good habits are the foundation of information security (“IS”) just like they are for safety and security in the physical world - like locking the front door or wearing a seatbelt in the car. Here are some IS habits that not only are important to incorporate while working at Entrepedia AS, but into one’s private online life. Make these habits automatic. They will help protect both the company’s and the employee's personal information.

  1. Always think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments: Even if they look like they're from someone you know.
  2. Verify requests for private information (yours or anyone else's): even if the request seems to come from someone you know.
  3. Protect your passwords: Use a password manager (e.g., Lastpass or 1password), and whenever possible use multi-factor authentication.
  4. Protect your stuff! Lock it up or take it with you before you leave: Secure your area and lock your computer screen before leaving them unattended – even just for a second. Take your phone and other portable items with you or lock them up. Password protect all of your devices. Use strong authentication where possible.
  5. Keep a clean machine! Keep your devices, apps, browsers, and anti-virus/anti-malware software patched and up to date.
  6. Always work in secure cloud-based work drives (e.g., Google Drive or Team): That means avoiding storing files locally on a computer or device.
  7. Delete sensitive information when you are done with it.
  8. If it’s suspicious, report it! Report suspected scams and other suspicious activity to your manager.

  1. Final notes

//Adapt the final notes to your company//

Now that you have been formally introduced to how we do things at Entrepedia AS, what remains is for you to do your part in our endeavor to create a more sustainable future by delivering excellent products and services to our customers, and having a lot of fun while doing it! We hope that this handbook is of great value both for new employees as well as existing ones.

We love that you are onboard, and look forward to challenging you, and being challenged by you, during our journey together. We urge you to never be afraid to give direct and honest feedback to your colleagues and to truly listen to the feedback you receive from others.

Our employees are by far our greatest assets. And with that, we welcome you to Entrepedia AS and look forward to sharing both ups and downs with you, shoulder by shoulder!

Employee Handbook, Rev 1.0

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[1] The norm is either to have 100% pay for a total of 49 weeks, or 80% pay for 59 weeks. This is the total number of weeks for both parents combined, given the birth of one child. There are many other variants so feel free to consult https://familie.nav.no/ for details and current information.


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Employee Handbook

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