Job Description - Sales Manager

Dette er et eksempel på en stillingsbeskrivelse for rollen som salgsleder.

Job Description

Sales Manager

Job purpose summary

The Sales Manager has the local business responsibility for leading a team of sales respresentatives for designated customers within an assigned geographical market. The main objective is to win sales and to grow revenue.

Key responsibilities

  • Sales and Account management for the customers in the geographical market in order to increase revenue
  • Tracing and improving the performance of sales representatives
  • Training and coaching of sales representatives
  • Maximize effective time with the “right” customers
  • Building influential relationships with customers
  • Secure progression of leads within the areas of responsibilities in the sales pipeline
  • Identify customer needs and make effective technical and commercial proposals
  • Overall responsible for negotiations and closing of deals within the areas of responsibilities
  • Win customer sales and grow net revenue
  • Effective, results-oriented collaboration with Distributors and Sales Representatives
  • Represent company at exhibitions and trade shows


  • B.S. or M.S. or equivalent experience is required
  • Strong sales, marketing and/or business development experience in a relevant industry
  • Excellent in building and maintaining strong customer and partner relationships


  • Proven & successful track record in winning sales and growing revenue
  • Negotiating skills with commercial theft
  • Regional market and customer knowledge
  • Skill to inspire customers technically
  • Ability to create and maintain highly motivated & effective sales partners
  • Cultural fit with the corporate culture of a young and fast-moving company
  • Great written and oral communication skills
  • Creative, effective and reliable
  • Self-driven, energetic and ambitious
  • High level of integrity

Reporting to:

Director of Regional Sales

Estimated travel activity:

30-50 days per quarter

Job Description - Sales Manager, Rev 1.0

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Job Description - Sales Manager

Dette er et eksempel på en stillingsbeskrivelse for rollen som salgsleder.

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